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Occupy Sandy Volunteer Sounds Alarm

November 13, 2012

Occupy Sandy Volunteer Sounds Alarm on Humanitarian Crisis, Near-Complete Absence of Government Aid in Coney Island Projects

The situation in public housing projects in Coney Island, Brooklyn remains a “humanitarian crisis” in which the government and the Red Cross have been nearly completely absent, according to Eric Moed, a volunteer aid worker with Occupy Sandy.

Friday is Moed’s fifth day volunteering with Occupy Sandy, an ad hoc hurricane relief group formed by former Occupy Wall Street activists. Moed, an architect from Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood, goes door to door in the 30-40 public housing buildings in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn to distribute food, water and supplies, and help address sanitation and medical needs. The projects in Coney Island remain without power, and often without water and necessities in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Accounts of these conditions have been corroborated in the New York Daily News.

Instapundit has taken to calling this ‘Katrina on the Hudson’. Each day that passes makes that seem more and more accurate. This really is a National disgrace.

Moed recently tweeted the following:

WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU @BarackObama? Citizen here, been in Coney Island Projects FEEDING ppl ALONE no FEMA or Red Cross. People are dying.

Where has the President been? Playing Golf apparently.

New Yorkers Still in the Dark as Obama Hits the Links

I guess photo ops don’t really matter that much now that the election is over.

Can anyone else imagine the outrage that would be rolling if Bush had gone Golfing during Katrina? Democratic Underground was desperately hunting for this news back then…. they seem to be pretty quiet about it now though.

So, did Bush play golf during Katrina?


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