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Remember this guy?

April 12, 2008

I can’t help but wonder if he’s an Obama supporter now. I mean it’s a safe bet he’s not a McCain supporter. I guess he could be a Nader fan… but for some reason I’ve got a pretty good feeling he’s not pulling for Hillary.

Or maybe he’s just expressing antipathy to people who aren’t like him as a way to explain his frustrations.


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  1. br549 permalink

    Kinda looks like he’s saying “fuck me”, doesn’t it?

  2. Varick permalink

    What a idiot. I hate people like that, traitors.

  3. Pretty hilarious actually.

  4. Eric permalink

    uhhh isn’t middle america panama and costa rica?

  5. hobo joe permalink

    i bet this fucking puke has middle class parents, went to middle class schools, lived if a fucking suburb for christ sakes….i hate these fucking ignorant pieces of shit

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