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Well its about damn time

November 19, 2008

Stevens loses Alaska Senate race

Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens has lost his bid for a seventh term.

The longest-serving Republican in the history of the Senate trailed Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich by 3,724 votes after Tuesday’s count.

That’s an insurmountable lead with only about 2,500 overseas ballots left to be counted.

I think it’s pretty damn sad that the election ended up being as close as it was. I could be generous and say it was because of absentee ballots that were cast before he was a convicted Felon. To be honest I believe it was so close because a lot of people in Alaska loved the Federal pork Stevens pulled in and ignored his conviction to keep the trough open. Good evidence of this can be found in this article from the Anchorage Daily News which couldn’t help but list all the ‘good’ Stevens had done for the state…. in the end pegging simple ‘bad judgement’ as the reason he commited these Felonies.

I’ve wanted this man gone for a long time. He is one of the worst examples of corrupt pork masters in the Government. Good riddance.

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