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CNN host ‘overwhelmed’ by basic math

October 5, 2008

Take a moment and view the following YouTube video:

CNN Focus Group Said Biden Won

Notice anything?  Mainly how 13 people said Biden won while 12 people say Palin  won.  While most people would say this is about an even a split as you can get, Soledad O’ Brien announces it as an ‘overwhelming’ win for Biden.

Hilarious Example of Media Bias

Soledad asked them immediately after the debate, “How many thought Joe Biden won the debate tonight?”

I’d say about half the hands go up. O’Brien then inexplicably says, “So, looks overwhelming.” Then she asks who thought Palin won. Again, about half the hands go up and she describes it as “small hands.” Then she quickly declares Biden the winner and calls it a day.

Rumor has it Soledad then asked the Biden voters if they ‘were comfortable or needed a pillow to sit on’.

  1. Wonder why? See Writing Frontier’s “News Vixens” at

  2. This is worse.

    One vote for McCain and 10+ for Obama is, in fact, a split. A decision is either unanimous or split. You’ll notice how he then went on and reported that the room was (obviously) ‘pretty heavily towards Obama at the moment’ with a laugh. The room laughs as well. They got the joke.

    The really funny part of the video is the woman in the background who starts beating her (I assume) husband when he starts to raise his hand for McCain.

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