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False Advertising #2

July 12, 2008

On the way into work the other morning, I caught a General Motors ad on the radio.  It started out talking about how bad gas prices were and how properly inflated tires could increase gas milage up to 1-3%.  Ok, fine.

The ad then goes on to say (and I’m paraphrasing a bit) ‘thats why all GM vehicles come with a tire pressure monitoring system as standard equipment’.


All new vehicles, not just GM vehicles, but all new vehicles come with a tire pressure monitoring system.  Its been a Federal (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) regulation since late 2003.  It comes from the TREAD act which was a result of the Firestone/Ford Explorer rollover problems.

Of course the ad fails to mention that a large majority of these monitoring systems only report a problem when the tire pressure is reduced enough to cause a safety issue.  Proper manual monitoring is still required in order to keep a constant tire pressure that will have any positive effect on gas milage.

Nice try GM.

One Comment
  1. Yea, if the ad was worded the way you say, it is misleading a bit. If GM wanted to brag about something fuel economy related, they could mention that most of their vehicles have an “instant fuel economy” gauge in the driver information center, giving the driver a real-time readout of fuel being used, and allowing one to tweak their driving habits in order to conserve fuel.

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