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The Farm Bill

June 19, 2008

Pelosi Statement on House Vote to Override the Presidents Veto of the Bipartisan Farm Bill

Last month, the Congress passed the Food and Energy Security Act, a new Farm Bill for America, because it will help lower food prices, makes an historic new commitment to nutrition assistance and food stamps, invests in energy independence, supports conservation, and recognizes the importance of fruits, vegetables, and other specialty crops.

The Food and Energy Security Act will also help reduce gas prices and ensure that Americas family farmers fuel Americas energy independence. The bill makes a $1 billion investment in energy independence, takes a critical step in transitioning from bio-fuels made from corn, and creates a new tax credit that will provide a $400 million investment in cellulosic biofuels, such as switchgrass. These efforts will help ensure that we send our energy dollars to the Midwest and across America, instead of to the Middle East.

Well yippee. Another billion to the Corn/Ethanol lobby. Nevermind that Ethanol production is causing serious increases in food prices as well as being obscenely wasteful in the amount of water needed for production. And why are they still pushing this ‘Ethanol will reduce gas prices’ crap? In my area you can’t find a gas station that isn’t selling at least a 10% Ethanol blend gasoline. Gas prices are still over $4 at those stations. Not to mention that Ethanol blend gasoline makes many cars (like mine) run like crap and causes them to burn MORE gas which makes people spend MORE money at the pump. If the Government insists on spending taxpayer’s money on biofules, those numbers should be reversed. Put a billion into celluosic biofuels (and algae based biofuels as well). Those biofuels are far more promising that Ethanol (not that the Corn lobby will admit that).

I’m really not understanding how Pelosi can say this bill will lower food prices. Not only, as mentioned before, does Ethanol production increase food prices, this farm bill still pays farmers to idle their land and not farm. All in the name of conservation. So which is it? Is there a ‘global food crisis’ that we hear so much about in the media or do we need farmers to idle their land for conservation? Which is more important?

The price of gasoline has doubled since the Democrats took over Congress two years ago. This pork laden farm bill is not going to help. These politicians are living in a dream world.

side note: I also notice they’ll still repeating the ‘Middle East’ mantra. It seems they want many people to keep believing that we import a majority of our oil from the Middle East when in fact our top suppliers include Canada (number one), Mexico, Venezuela and Nigeria.

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