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Can’t I even watch a television show

June 3, 2008

without having this damned election thrown in my face? Because to be honest, I’m really starting to get sick of it and would like to have SOME way to get away from it that doesn’t involved turned off every electronic device in the house and canceling all magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

All I wanted to do was watch the season finale of House on hulu. Barely a third of the way through the episode (Wilson’s Heart) there was a scene between House and one of his doctors in a bathroom. Bad enough that they had House open it up with a ‘wide stance’ joke, but they switch to a shot of the other stall and you’re greeted with this:

Convenient how the shot of the actress was just a bit off center to get the ‘Change 08’ as much notice as possible. I mean come on, just a little bit of a rest…. please?

Reminds me of the big uproar over the Dixie Chicks back in 2003 when they bashed Bush overseas and Hollywood seemed hellbent to mention them whenever and wherever they could.

Television shows like House are supposed to be an escape. If I want politics, I’ll turn on the news.

  1. Alfie permalink

    House is on FOX though…how did this get through the Murdoch censors ???

  2. The Red Pill permalink

    “how did this get through the Murdoch censors???”

    It didn’t have to.

    Rupert Murdoch has personally been flirting with endorsing Obama for weeks. He just hasn’t actually uttered the specific words…yet But the New York Post that he owns has.

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