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Trent struggles to adjust

April 12, 2008

to life as one of the great unwashed masses.

Trent Lott: Man of the People, Fledgling Lobbyist

Former Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) is struggling a bit to adjust to life as a lobbyist.

“I took the Metro for the first time,” Lott told the Sleuth Thursday afternoon

Does anyone else hear a violin playing in the background?

Life in the private sector isn’t as cushy as Lott thought it would be. No more free lunches, no more taxpayer-funded car and driver, no more overprotective press secretary guarding him from the pesky media.

Yup. Definitely a violin.

Lott took his first Metro ride ever last weekend, when thousands of tourists were in town enjoying the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Could there be a more perfect time for a prima donna first-time rider?

“I stood up the whole time,” Lott said, smiling, as if he enjoyed it.

As if.

Lott really had no idea how to even go about taking public transportation. He didn’t know how to use the Metro fare card machines, or how much money to put on his trip ticket, or how to add money to one of the fare cards his wife gave him. Truly: clueless.

So Patricia Lott did what any good spouse would do. “I took my wife with me and she helped me out,” Lott said.

Anyone else getting flashbacks to George HW Bush and the supermarket barcode scanners? (edit: though a quick check of reports that story as false)

“I’m a man of the people now,” said Lott, who retired in December of last year, less than a year into serving a new six-year term.

Um, yeah…. ‘Man of the People’? Not quite.

Besides taking public transportation, the one-time Senate majority leader is learning how to pull out his wallet, which should certainly be a lot fatter these days after bolting from public service to rake in cash in the private sector.

I haven’t paid for lunch in 30 years,” he joked. Breaux chimed in with an eye roll, saying, “Yeah, he’s learning how to pay for lunch.”

Wow. Well Mr. Lott… I’ve paid for my lunch damn near every single day of my adult life. You’ll excuse me if I don’t really feel too much for your ‘difficulties’ in adjusting to life with the rest of us.

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