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The ‘comedy conspiracy’ against Obama

April 9, 2008

Ok… what? A comedy conspiracy? Is she serious?

Jon Stewart Awards Obama “Dick Move of the Week”

Last night on “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart unveiled a new feature: The “Dick Move of the Week”

It’s the second time that Stewart has implied that Obama was a dick

Note that March 3rd was the night before Super Tuesday II — and also the night that Stewart hosted Clinton for an interview live via satellite. Coincidence? Or yet another example of the comedy conspiracy against Barack Obama?

Ok, maybe she is serious…. but this is probably one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read in the past couple of weeks. You need to go no further than the article itself. Take a look at the second clip Daily Show clip posted. The one thats eight minutes long. 2/3’s of which is spent ripping on Hillary Clinton. But no, Stewart said Obama sounds like he’d be a ‘dicky boyfriend’ so its a CONSPIRACY!! Comedians hate Obama! I mean isn’t it obvious? Clinton did a cameo on SNL. Not only that, but the Daily Show actually interviewed Clinton the night before a primary! Can you imagine?

It’s an amazing ability to see a ‘conspiracy’ in damn near everything. Or maybe she’s still steamed about the whole low bowling score thing.

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