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Maryland’s Speed Camera Bill Heads To O’Malley

April 1, 2008

Speed Camera Bill Heads To Governor’s Desk; Separate Bill Considered For P.G. County

A bill to allow speed cameras statewide in Maryland is headed to the governor’s desk.

Lawmakers agreed on a bill that would allow speed cameras at state highway work sites, and on neighborhood roads where local jurisdictions allow them.

Under the legislation, the tickets would not carry points but would carry fines of up to $40.

Local jurisdictions may only use the cameras on roads where the speed limit is no more than 45-miles-per-hour

Under the bill, most of the money collected from fines would go to the state treasury. Local governments could only keep enough money to keep the cameras operating

Yeah. Right.

Please excuse me if I sound a bit cynical, but I seem to remember not so long ago when seat belt laws were first passed. At the time we were promised all kinds of restrictions on the enforcement of that law, not the least of which was that it would never be a ‘primary offense’. Meaning you could not be pulled over for failure to wear the restraint. It took just a few short years for seat belts to go from ‘secondary offense’ to ‘Maryland State Police hiding in the woods with night vision goggles peering into your car to catch seat belt violators’.

Once speed cameras get their foot in the door, which it looks like they will, it’s all over.

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