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This is news?

February 1, 2008

My usual routine in the morning is brew some coffee and get the kids ready for school while glancing at the news every once in a while. For quite a while that new show have been Fox & Friends.

I you’ve spent any time on the Internet at all, its pretty obvious that there are many people who absolutely depise Fox News. With a passion. It doesn’t matter if its actually Fox News, Fox Sports or just a Fox affiliate, you put ‘Fox’ in the name and people have a fit. Call it FDS (Fox Derangement Syndrome).

So this morning I decide to see what the big deal is. Instead of Fox News, I turn on CNN.

For the past 45 minutes, CNN has been little more than an infomercial for Domino’s Pizza and their new ‘Pizza Tracking System’. Live shots with interviews from a Domino’s store, screen shots of the web site, anchor’s gushing about how easy and convenient online ordering is and how the ‘pizza tracker’ makes it even better. Over and over and over. For the past 45 minutes Domino’s has been their lead ‘story’. Even now, after the pizza was delivered (uniformed Domino’s guy and well labeled Domino’s delivery vehicle shown in a live shot of course), they manage to cut to shots of people in the studio munching on pizza (alway managing to have a Domino’s logo in the shot somehow).

This is not news, this is a commercial. I’ll stick with Fox & Friends. It has its moments of fluff as well, but at least they don’t try to pass it off as a news story.

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  1. Pizza tracking? We have children that disappear in the foster system, no one knows where Osama’s gone, and…we’re tracking pizza?


    You should stay away the Today Show too. That’s just an endless infomercial also.

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