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ABC’s Extreme Makeover show

December 11, 2007

Extreme Makeover is a show we occasionally watch as a family on Sunday evenings. The kids love it because Ty Pennington acts like a nut. I pay attention from time to time but always feel a bit uncomfortable since I have a hard time believing anyone can build a quality home in a week. I’ve always wanted to go back to the earliest home they’ve done and seen just how well things like the chemically treated quick-set concrete has actually held up…. but I digress.

From Extreme Makeover’s website, here is the bio from last Sunday’s (12-9) show:

Sarah and Lou have two loving and bright sons, Kane (2) and Louie Angelo Jr. (1+1/2). Louie Angelo Jr. was diagnosed with multiple birth defects, including Arthogryposis, club feet and skeletal displasia. Although he can’t move very well, he loves to paint. With this in mind, Sarah started an organization in honor of her son which allows children to paint and auction off their work to raise money and awareness for their particular disease.

Both Sarah and Lou are creative and supportive parents but, have limited resources and a home which is not at all adapted to Louis Jr.’s needs. They’ve tried making ramps and done their best, but it’s not enough. Their home was built on a weak foundation that consists of tree trunks, bare earth and shifting blocks that don’t support the house. Engineers said that one day, without warning, it will collapse and possibly harm everyone inside. In bad weather, rain pours in through the hallways, making it difficult for emergency medical technicians to maneuver when called upon for Louie.

During the build up phase of the show (the first 5-10 minutes), they talked up the problems with the house including the bad foundation (house bought with no inspection I take it?), poor access for EMTs, bad roof and little to no insulation. Then they begin the walk-through of the house… and it looks awful. The place is literally falling apart, and um…. what a second…. what’s that?


Does anyone else see what I see? That looks like a very new and very large HD Flatscreen TV on a very new TV stand next to a very large speaker that seems to be blocking the path into the room (EMTs anyone?). What the hell?

Ok… Ok…. lets not jump to conclusions. Lets assume the parents didn’t buy the large flatscreen HDTV… and possibly HD cable/satellite service to go with? Hmmm…. there’s the satellite dish… maybe it’s not active… maybe they just watch DVDs…

Ok… really, lets not jump to conclusions. Maybe they won the TV, cabinet and stereo system. Hell, maybe it was a gift. Trust me, I can understand needed a bit of entertainment now and then to forget about things for a while. But you know what? If your home is so bad that rain pours through the roof, you have no insulation and engineers say that your foundation could collapse at any moment, SELL THE LARGE FLATSCREEN HDTV and use the money to fix up your home.

This seems to be a case of wants before needs. You can make do with a smaller TV.

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